2017 Review & 2018 Goals

2017 was not my favourite year.

👎 It was tough both professionally and personally.

👎 I battled with a few health issues.

👎 I set myself big hairy audacious goals that left me overwhelmed and paralysed by perfectionism.

👎 I burnt myself out.

However, I did learn an AWFUL lot. And that’s the most important thing after all!

👍 I really defined the kind of clients I wanted to be working with. No more discovery calls with time wasters.

👍 I got to work with some extraordinary business owners, doing big and beautiful things within their communities and industries.

👍 I launched Studio Virtual Assistant instead of working just as a freelancer.

👍 I took exciting trips with my husband.

👍 And I finally got back into the swing of regular yoga classes!

Biggest 2017 Takeaways

  1. Implementation over Perfection I am now a proud recovering perfectionist. I would strategise, organise and then become paralysed by my perfectionism.

    Now I strategise, organise and take action!

    The implementation of the plan is now more important to me than it being “perfect”.

  2. Don’t overlook self-care! Before, I wouldn’t invest in my own self care, now I know that I HAVE to.

    Regular yoga classes at the beautiful studio and acupuncture have really sorted my health in the last 6 months.

    I also, give myself permission to take time away from the laptop and not feel guilty!

    It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

  3. Mindset is EVERYTHING With the wrong mindset it is just impossible to achieve your goals.

    Get your positive pants on and “flip the script” in your head! You can!

    2018 Goals

  1. Launch 12 studio websites for my clients,
  2. Greater connection and impact within the performing arts industry,
  3. Expand my team – there are only so many hours in the day and only one of me!
  4. Help hundreds of studio owners to create their 12 month marketing plan for their studio….and IMPLEMENT the plan!
  5. A personal goal – FINALLY finish renovating our home and garden!

On the 31st December every year, I write myself a letter to my future self. Then the following year I read the letter, reflect and repeat the process.

Last years’ letter left me a little frustrated. This year I have a fierce determination to not feel like that again!


This ought to be tattooed on my forehead for 2018.

Although this is a terrible life decision so I’ll stick to popping it on my screensaver.

I’m all about goals, no resolutions. I will still be indulging in wine, chips and Netflix!

Here’s to an outrageously wonderful 2018 for all of you. May all your goals become reality.

I’d love to know your biggest takeaways from 2017 and what your personal and professional goals are for 2018.

1. Because I’m nosey and 2. Because I want to root for you along the way!

Wahoo, let’s do this!!

Kelly Xxx

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