Studio Virtual Assistant

You’re a passionate studio owner with a big picture vision for your business.

You have bold and daring goals in terms of business revenue and the impact you make with your studio.

For you being a studio owner is more than just being an outstanding teacher, it’s about being an entrepreneur.

You make good money and do good through your business.

You’re ready to be the CEO but maybe you….

  • Have maxed out your time in your business,
  • Need help navigating the “techie” aspects of running your studio (websites and Facebook ads and software, oh my!)
  • Are currently wearing all the hats in your business and you need to delegate tasks outside your Zone of Genius.

You are ready to step into the role as leader of your studio rather than remaining a slave to your studio….

 Does this sound like you?

You want a business that both enables you to provide for your family and also allows you to do what you love every day and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

You’re ready to take your studio to the next level and to really THRIVE, not just survive.

But you feel overwhelmed and you are unable to get everything done in your business.

I am here to help you

  • I believe that you have a deep burning ability to create a studio business that not only creates profit but brings you joy and enables you to change other people’s lives. Trust me, I’m here to help you bring those dreams to life.
  • I believe you deserve to be paid well for your work as a studio owner. You deserve to have a career that is both successful and sustainable.
  • I believe you have a duty to yourself, your community and your family to work SMARTER not HARDER and that in doing so, you can actually EARN MORE while WORKING LESS.
  • I also believe that a good cup of tea and a beautiful night’s sleep can cure most “bad days in the office”.

You have an important mission with your studio, and I’m here to help you achieve success like the superstar you are!

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do with Studio Virtual Assistant: how we work, who we work with, who we hire and what’s important to us.

Prolific Action Takers

Implementation is the name of the game! We put plans into action, test strategically, pivot quickly and ultimately make sure that progress rules over perfection!

Creative Problem Solvers

Through creative design, creative content and creative strategy, we flip your problems into possibilities.

Spark Joy Every Day

Every day we ignite joy within ourselves, our clients and our work. We turn even the mundane or ordinary into something joyful, magnificent and extraordinary!

Zone of Genius Operators

Your Zone of Genius + Our Zone of Genius = Extraordinary results, Business growth & Work/life transformation!

Hi, I’m Kelly former professional dancer & studio owner. Now I help studio owners to market their studio’s online and offline.

My greatest joy is enabling studio owners to increase their business revenue, have more time with their family and make a greater impact with their truly important work.

I am the person I am today because of my performing arts education and to give back to this wonderful industry through Studio Virtual Assistant is both a joy and an honor!

– Kelly Joy Doe

Get To Know Me:

How did I get to where I am?

My passion for performing arts education is what fuels my desire to create long-lasting positive change to the lives of studio owners.


Performing arts have been my passion since I was three years old. I trained as a professional dancer in London where I also qualified as an ISTD dance teacher in classical ballet, modern theatre and tap dance.

I have lived the studio owner life and I get it!

I spent five years working in and around London as a freelance dance teacher, honing my craft and deepening my passion for dance education. Eventually, I felt the call to fulfil my childhood dream and open a dance studio of my own.


So I packed up my life and moved back to my hometown in Yorkshire, England. I knew the area, I saw a gap in the market and I went ALL IN.

I opened my dance school in 2012 with no clue how to successfully run a business.

It was the most exciting, stressful, euphoric, expansive and overwhelming learning experience of my life. I learnt so much about my capabilities, my strengths and weaknesses and totally immersed myself in all things studio business.


Classes filled to capacity within 6 months and I began working for a marketing agency where I discovered my flair for design, online communications and creating automated systems.

I became OBSESSED!

Since then, I have moved area, bought a house, sold my studio, married my dream man and thrown myself into assisting studio owners across the globe to grow their businesses through creative digital marketing.

My specialties are Facebook Ads, Websites that look beautiful but ultimately enhance your business and enroll students while you sleep and creative marketing.

My Services

Lighten your workload by delegating the following (click for more information):

Website Design

Free Website Review

Facebook Ads Management

Marketing Management

Get in Touch

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