Studio Expansion – 12 Months of Social Media Content Project

Last week I launched the new and improved Studio Expansion social media strategy and designs.


The lovely Chantelle Bruinsma, Founder & CEO of Studio Expansion is on a beautiful mission and one that is so very dear to my heart.

Chantelle is the powerhouse behind Studio Expansion – a community of studio owners across the globe transforming their studio businesses.


The results Chantelle and her team are just OUTSTANDING. Through the Studio Evolution Mastermind group, members are thriving with results such as $40,000 annual PROFIT for one studio owner and another creating an extra  $9,000 MONTHLY PROFIT!

To be working with such an incredible business was an honour and privilege to be able to provide a service for them that could take the business to new heights.

Aims & Objectives of the Project

Chantelle wanted to have a total transformation of the graphics used through Studio Expansion’s Facebook Page and in their free online community – The Planner Hub.


We collaborated to create a weekly schedule of the content being posted on both the public page and in the Planner Hub.

The strategy’s aims were:

  • Increase engagement
  • Nurture the community of studio owners
  • Celebrate the success of studio owners who are paving the way for others
  • Inspire and motivate studio owners on those days when you just need a pick me up
  • Provide helpful resources and tools for studio owners
  • Highlight golden student attraction tips to help grow your studio
  • Nurture and engage with the community of studio owners in the free planner hub
  • Encourage those in the planner hub to be taking consistent action every week with choosing one thing to focus on for the week and holding themselves accountable.
  • Graphic designs that align visually with the Studio Expansion Brand
  • Captions & questions that communicate with studio owners in the truly uplifting and empowering way that studio expansion works.

Implementing the Strategy

With a clear weekly schedule, we then fleshed out an entire map of 12 months worth of content that aligned with the above aims.


As Chantelle will be welcoming her first baby in December, automation was definitely key to creating a successful strategy. To make sure the new content goes out on time and consistently, I set up all the content, captions and questions within the time-saving tool Meet Edgar.


Here are just a few of my favourite designs I created for Studio Expansion. With nearly 500 new graphics to choose from, it was tough to select just a couple:

Chantelle & Studio Expansion are an absolute dream to work with. Collaborating with businesses that share a passion and hunger to create positive change in the lives of studio owners is just the absolute highlight of what I do.

If you would like to schedule out an entire year’s worth of social media content for your business. Get in touch here >>  I have a couple of spaces available in the next few months, so book a consultation call soon to make sure you don’t miss out!


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